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The Fantasy Gameday Keeper League was commissioned during the winter of 2007, and was established for the 2008 baseball season. The initial intent was to provide a place where "expert" level play could be enjoyed free of charge. Although the initial rules have been been revised several times, the league still includes a full complement of owners that are committed to winning at all costs.

placeholderThe league was designed to provide the greatest amount of flexibilty for managing a Fantasy Baseball Team. This includes a minor league system that consists of eight players, a three round inflation of all players selected in the major league draft, and ten total players that are able to be kept between both the major league roster and the minor league system. Due to the unique rules of this league, drafts are completely unpredictable at best. With three rounds of keeper inflation, players selected in the first three rounds are ineligible to be kept the follow season. In addition a player drafted in the 20th round can be kept and drafted the following season in the 17th round. This creates a dynamic in which players drafted in the 12th round during "normal" drafts can sometimes go as high as the 6th or 7th rounds. Needless to say, draft day can be the most nerve-racking time of the year. Don't believe me? Check out the results from the previous years. While you are here, check out all the rosters of the current teams, and the records set by owners throughout the course of this league.

League News:

Congratulations to Bill for winning the 2015 Championship

Recent FGD Keeper League Champions

Year Owner
2014 Optioned to AAA
2013 Muddy Chicken
2012 Muddy Chicken
2011 Metroyanks
2010 NYY Lobsters
2009 Briwiley

Important Dates

  • Keeper Lists due by March 1st
  • Rosters are unfrozen January 1st
  • Rosters are frozen on final day of season